Navigate with Confidence

Ensure clear communication, wherever you roam on the water, with Cobra marine radios. Connect seamlessly with crew and fellow boaters, on or offshore, with the power of built-in Bluetooth™ technology and other advanced safety features on some of our marine radio models. Share vital information, coordinate maneuvers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're always connected.

Floating, Water Resistant & Submersible

Never worry about dropping your marine radio in the water again. Cobra's portable radios float and are designed to be retrieved easily, so you can focus on enjoying the water, not fishing out your gear. Plus, our innovative BURP feature vibrates water out of the speaker grill, ensuring crystal-clear communication even after an accidental dunk.

And when it comes to fixed-mount radios, Cobra goes above and beyond. All our models are waterproof to the highest IPX8 standards, meaning they can handle complete submersion. So whether you're battling waves or just enjoying a relaxing cruise, you can rely on Cobra for uninterrupted communication and peace of mind.

Advanced Technology

Be prepared in an emergency with built-in GPS that instantly transmits your exact location when calling for Coast Guard assistance, saving precious time and maximizing rescue efforts.

Miss a crucial message? No problem. Rewind-Say-Again™ lets you replay the last 20 seconds of any VHF call, ensuring vital information doesn't go unnoticed.

One radio, endless adventures. Our unique Dual All-Terrain Radio™ works seamlessly on land and water, keeping you connected wherever your journey takes you.