Smart Dash Cams

Life Without Blindspots™

Protect yourself against life's blindspots with Cobra dash cams, featuring comprehensive video protection in all directions and crystal-clear video resolution. Cobra dash cams stand out with exclusive 360 Alerts, including shared radar and laser alerts, heads-up navigation, and more. Cobra dash cams are your guardian and co-pilot, ensuring peace of mind on the road for both you and your loved ones. Drive smarter and safer with Cobra.

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Cobra Dash Camera displays a shared alert

About Dash Cams

Car dash cams are convenient to install easy use and provide peace of mind while driving. With a Cobra dash cam you will always be ready capture unexpected moments accidents. recording the details what happening around as drive can help protect in many situations providing clear look at events.

Dash cams are used by everyday drivers, bus drivers, police officers, driving instructors, and others to help protect themselves and those around them. Cobra devices, including dual dash cams that record multiple views and dash cams enhanced with GPS equipment, are even more useful, with the added benefit of tracking your location and capturing accidents to prove which driver is at fault.

Drive smarter with Cobra dash cams and make the road a safer place. Our connected car cameras tap into the exclusive Cobra driving community, providing you with real-time alerts of red light and speed camera locations and other road conditions.

Our Community

One hundred million alerts shared and received each year from our community of Cobra drivers on the iRadar app.

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