RAD Series System Updates

Currently there are not updates for the RAD 450/RAD 500G.

Use Cobra Software Update for your RAD series detectors.

Firmware update available for the iRAD (4/28/2017).  This will:

1) Improved Bluetooth communications to correct minor errors.
2) Corrected MPH/KMH display error

Do update the firmware in the iRAD, please click button below to download software for your PC that will do this update.

After the download is complete:
1. Save the file
2. Extract (unzip) the file,
3. Run (double click on Cobra update setup.exe) to install onto your PC and follow the InstallShield Wizard instructions.  A desktop icon (Cobra Software Update) will be created on your desktop. 
4. To update the firmware in the iRAD, connect the iRAD to your PC using a standard USB-A to USB-micro cable. 
5. Start Cobra Software Update
6. Follow the instructions to install the new firmware.

Note:  OS compatibility for  the Cobra update software is for Windows XP, 7.0, 8.0
Cobra Software Update is not yet compatible with Mac OS.