Cobra PX650

Professional/Business Walkie Talkies (2 or 6-Pack)


The Cobra PX650 Pro Business 2-Watt FRS Walkie Talkie Radios are ideal for larger business use and have a range up to 300,000 sq. ft./25 floors. With the Push-To-Talk button, dedicated volume/channel knobs, and Waterproof (IPX4) Rating, you'll always have clear and reliable communication.

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Cobra PX650

Professional/Business Walkie Talkies (2 or 6-Pack)

Cobra PX650
Prix normal $139.95

PX650 Pro Business 2-Way Radio

Clear communication for retail, restaurants, events, warehouses and more

1Professional and Discreet Design

Designed for business use with up to 300,000 sq. ft/25 floor range

222 Channels and Privacy Codes

Combine 22 channels and privacy codes to secure your conversations

3Voice-Activated Transmission (VOX)

Hands-free usage to automatically transmit when you speak

4Ultra-Long Runtime

All-day usage up to 18 hours (90% Standby / 5% Talk / 5% Listen)

5Waterproof (IP54) Rating

Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction

6Swivel Holster

Rotate the holster in multiple positions for optimal comfort



Food & Beverage


Event Management


Business Offices

What's Included

  • Cobra PX650 Walkie Talkies
  • Charging Dock
  • Wall Adapter
  • Belt Clips
  • Manual
  • Item # PX650

    Key Specs

    Maximum Radio Range: Up to 42 miles, 300,000 square feet, 25 floors

    Number of Channels: 22

    Number of Privacy Codes: 38


    Waterproof: IP54

    VOX (Steps): Yes (5)


    Rechargeable Battery: Yes

    Battery Type: 2000mAH Li-Polymer Battery

    Battery Life: Extended 18 hours of continuous usage (90% standby / 5% talk / 5% listen)

    Unit Dimensions

    Weight: 4 ounces

    Length: 1.91"

    Width: 2.2"

    Height: 6.94"