Activate Your Defender Database Subscription

In order to activate Defender Subscription please follow these steps in order:

1. First you must register your product here.

2. Fill out the activation form below on this page.

3. Download Detector Tools here. Please fill out the form below to activate your Database Subscription.

If you own more than one unit, you will need to activate each account separately. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 30 MINUTES FOR OUR SYSTEM TO UPDATE BEFORE TRYING TO UPDATE YOUR GPS PRODUCT

**Please note; All GPS enabled devices come with a 90-day free trial for Defender updates. This trial starts automatically when you register the device. There is no activation code for this trial; you will only receive an activation code when you purchase a 1 or 3-year Defender subscription.

Cobra Road Scout owners do not need Detector Tools, your product will automatically update after it has been registered and subscription activated.  A Wifi connection to a hotspot is required